Modern Distributed Data Architecture with Event Streams, Stream Processing and Derived Data

Some of the most interesting projects I worked on at LinkedIn involved building large scale real-time pricing and machine learning products. They required crafting fault-tolerant distributed data architectures to support model training, forecasting and dynamic control systems. None of this work involved a traditional relational database. Instead event streams, derived data and stream processing became…

Book Notes: Inner Game of Tennis

Quick summary To succeed in the outer game, one has to excel in the inner game of the mind. The key to mastering the inner game is to practice the art of relaxed concentration. This involves visualizing the desired outcome, silencing the judgments from Self 1, and enabling Self 2 to let it happen. Takeaways…

Mastering your Inner Game: the art of relaxed concentration

Back in the 70’s Timothy Gallwey made a breakthrough discovery while coaching his tennis players. During practice, he noticed some of his students giving themselves verbal instructions for improvements. They would tell themselves things like “get up for the ball”, “bend your knees”, “swing harder” etc. There was nothing unusual about this self talk, except it seemed to hurt rather than help progress.


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